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The 9s Math Wall Clock - A Perfect Gift for People Who Love Mathematics🕘

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Are you looking for a unique wall clock?

Classic design with three hands but with one different- Its hours are marked by simple math equations. To tell the time, you solve for the answer!

Black and white in color, the wall clock goes with all types of decor and looks as if it the numbers were written on a chalkboard.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Nine equation number math clock- each hour marked by the answers of 9s formulas, is a different way to show the hours.

Perfect Gift : It is ideal gift for math teacher, stundent,engineer, mathematician or anyone who just loves numbers.


Material: Acrylic
Feature: The 9s Math Wall Clock
Display Type: Needle
Motivity Type: Quartz
Form: Single Face
Diameter: 12"/30cm
Shape: Circular
Battery: 1 AA (not included)